Getting the best autobody painting services can be a hassle when you are looking for the best finish and coating possible. Largo residents can find their experience plagued with delays, long wait times, and poor results. By investing your time and money into the right autobody repair company can ensure you get the right blend of colors and a professional result that makes their exterior look brand new. While you may read some online DIY tips and believe you can do it, you would be in for a bad surprise.

Unlike painting a wall, you will need expensive equipment, upwards to a week or more, and plenty of prior research and prep. It quickly becomes unreasonable to attempt it yourself with the costs of items like sanders, dust extractors, and air compressors. Not only can amateurs work ruin the metal of a car, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Painters are often exposed to dangerous fumes, particles, and chemicals that can cause cancer or other health issues without the right protection and ventilation. Properly coating a vehicle also requires specific training and skills to produce a clean finish. Largo residents can altogether bypass the long waits and DIY attempts with fast autobody painting service from Scratch ‘n Dent and Collision.

Does my Vehicle Need Autobody Painting?

In many cases, the answer is clear. If you have been in a small or large collision, then the damage to your paint job can be substantial. Even then, many drivers will lag on repairing and paint. However, this can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. The sensitive bare metals can rust and begin to corrode. Eventually, holes can even form which will require repair or replacement of the corroding parts. Rust repair is an expensive and time-consuming process that is easy to avoid with proper care and peel autobody painting. Instead of letting water and air rust the bare metal of your vehicle, Largo area residents can instead rely on Scratch ‘n Dent Autobody to protect their cars. Besides accidents, autobody painting services are essential when:

  • Maintaining coat quality
  • Fixing up average signs of wear
  • Avoiding structural weakness due to rust

Maintaining Coat Quality

A common issue with old paint jobs is cracking or peeling layers. This can occur for several reasons such as leaving your vehicle out in the hot Largo sun for days on end without any shade. While this can happen over time, it should not happen for years. Rapid flaking, particular when your coat is not old, can be a sign of improper layering. If a coating below the top layer did not have enough time to cure, then painting over it can cause it to flake when dry. Sometimes it does not appear as flaking but as hairline cracks. Unless something has hit your care, spider cracks are a clear sign you need professional autobody painting services.

Fixing up Worn Down Coats

If you are noticing discoloration or sun spots due to the hot Largo sun, then Scratch ‘n Dent is the place for you. While sun damage typically does not require repainting the entire vehicle, the longer you wait, the more of your coatings peel away. Eventually, damage can reach the bare metal and cause rusting. Rust can end up covering the vehicle, meaning you will require a completely fresh sanding and reapplication of paints. By watching out for signs of deterioration, you can avoid paying more than you need to. Largo residents can rely on Scratch ‘n Body to perfectly match their needs and get their vehicle looking brand new. Autobody painting services protect you from common mistakes like:

  • Failings to properly lift the substrate
  • Particles settling on wet paint
  • Not waiting or adequate drying coats
  • Applying too much paint at once
  • Contaminating paint

With over a decade of experience, clients working with Scratch ‘n Body can get their insurance claim fulfilled and repair their vehicle. Accidents can mean parts go missing on the road without your notice. In addition to car painting services, we also offer autobody repair. If you are in the Largo area, then you can get in touch by going online, calling (727) 559-7000, or even click here for the body shop near you today.