Dent removal to complete a plastic bumper repair is a straight forward job for a professional body shop. This damage can range from scratches to dents to puncture damage or even large tears in the car, SUV or truck bumper. In the past, it was necessary to replace damaged bumpers to achieve a finished new look for your car. Today a skilled auto body shop can make your bumper look new again. Our shop which is located on Ulmerton Rd in Largo where we serve Seminole, Clearwater and all of Pinellas County Florida. Scratch n Dent can provide you with an accurate and quick estimate to complete this repair.

Problems with DIY

Occasionally we encounter car and truck owners who have attempted to repair their plastic bumper themselves by following some DIY technique. These do it yourself attempts never achieve the results possible from a skilled auto body shop.  At best the bumper dent damage is somewhat reduced, at worst the attempt may results in more damage to the bumper making a professional dent removal and repair more difficult and expensive. These DIY plastic bumper repairs always leave the damage clearly visible and apparent to anyone looking at the car, SUV or truck.

Competitive Pricing

You will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost will be to achieve a perfect repair if you use a professional auto body shop. We focus not only on the job at hand but the satisfaction of the customer and the customer experience. If you are located in Largo, Seminole or Clearwater Florida and have had an accident and sustained a small or large dent or scratches on your plastic bumper call us today for an estimate to repair the damage and make your SUV, car or truck look new again. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!